Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lets talk Leopard

Does leopard print make anyone else feel like they are in the jungle? Maybe I am alone on that one, but it does make me feel more spunky. I love throwing on a animal print, especially when it is leopard. Such a great way to add excitement, texture, and fun to an outfit. I honestly feel more fierce in leopard print, or any animal print really. It is almost as exciting as sequins for me, which is obviously a lot. I went with some distressed jeans and simple black heels because I wanted to focus on the fabulousness of the shirt, as well as bring attention to my top bun. The pink clutch (which I made, to see how see here) adds some much needed color.

{Blouse: H&M}{Shoes: Old via Target}{Jeans: Virgos via Nordstrom}{Sunnies: Nordstrom}{Handbag: Myself, see here}

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