Thursday, May 10, 2012

Check Mate

 {Skirt: J Crew}{Denim Button Dwon: H&M Mens}{Shoes:}{Clutch: Gucci}{Leaf bracelet: Forever 21}

Say hello to my new favorite item, this lovely skirt from J Crew. Not only is this cute all on its very own, but the price makes it even more spectacular. $11.88 was all I paid for this bad boy. Not sure why, or how I became so lucky, but I really hit the jackpot on my latest J Crew adventure. It was on the sale rack, with an additional 30% off of the lowest sale price. I was in awe, but thought there was no way it would be my size. Wrong! It was my size. You could say my reaction was somewhat like a child in the summer when they hear the ice cream truck coming. It was just that exciting.