Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Pastel Obsession}

As you might have been able to tell (from the blow post), pastel pants have been on my mind a lot lately. I don't know why I didn't jump on this trend earlier, but I am more than willing to make up for lost time by obsessing until I find the perfect pair. Here are some ways I want to style my future pants (and skirt if I am so lucky to find one...). Enjoy!

These wide leg violet pants make me antsy to go shopping. I love the wide leg of them. The coral shoe adds a little pop of more color under the pants, so I paired it with the more neutral top so I didn't have too  much color going on. Something I love about pastels is that you can wear two or three of them together and it isn't overwhelming because of the more muted tone of color, compared to bright and hard to look at neons. A simple brown bag, stud earrings and a fun necklace (you don't want to be totally boring up top) and you are ready to face the world.
I really hope I can find a almost-neon but really pastel skirt like this soon. I love the slightly uneven hem because then you can flaunt your shoes. I personally love denim jackets, I wear mine with almost everything in the spring. Wearing some bold jewlery with this outfit would add more color and fun.
I don't know where to start with this outfit. I love every single item in it. The leopard oxfords are something I have been craving for a while now, but need to save up for the perfect pair. The coral pants are just amazing, the color and the fit. I love the rolled up look at the bottom. Because I chose such a bright bag I paired the pants with a not to simple chambray shirt with a neck bow. I love the bow because it dresses up the casual champray.  The necklace is yet another gorgeous pastel color. This while outfit screams spring to me, now the weather just need to comply with my wishes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Currently Craving: Colorful Pants}

Colorful pants have been around for a little while now, and I am officially jumping on the bandwagon. After seeing some seriously amazing outfits I have decided that it is time to invest in a pair (or five...there are just too many colors to pick one). Here are some pictures of my inspiration for colors, styles and ways to wear them. I am craving these more than I crave coffee in the morning, and thats saying a lot considering I am from Seattle, the city of coffee lovers. I think I want a pair or pink and/or peach, and maybe some violet?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{A Taste of Lace}

So if you haven't already guessed I absolutely love this cargo vest from Old Navy. I wear it about half of the time in my everyday life. No joke. I love that I can dress it up or dress it down, depending on what my mood is. I got this lace skirt a while back, and have been looking for excuse to get dressed up so I can throw it on. My excuse today was that my friend Alyson from Crushing on Clothes and I did a photoshoot and wore some more dressy looks. I love the girly and feminine lace with the army vest, which has a more masculine feel. Make sure to check out Alyson's blog for more pictures of the two of us and what she wore!

skirt: forever21
shoes: dollhouse
chambray shirt: j crew
vest: old navy
neclace: j crew
arm candy: forever21, jcrew and nordstrom

Monday, February 13, 2012

{Leather Fever}

So, yes, I am wearing leather pants here. Let me correct myself, foux leather. I wouldn't want any animal lovers to get upset. But more realistically, I can not afford real leather pants, nor do I think I really need them. I have been craving some leather pants for a while now, but where do you find them? They are not exactly common these days, at least not affordable ones. So when I spotted these suckers at H&M I was beyond excited and got the last ones in my size. My craving is now an obsession, I want to live in them.

leather pants: h&ms
hirt: Nordstrom plain t-shirt
Shoes: converse
bag: aldo
jacket: american eagle old
scarf: forever21

Friday, February 10, 2012

{New and Exciting}

I have finally created a twitter account for my blog! I have a personal account, but I am soon going to delete that and only use the one for my blog. The link to follow is to the right (---->). If you are wondering why in the heck the name is spelled wrong on twitter, it is because of two reasons. 1. My blog name "currently craving" is too long for the spaces allowed in a name. 2. Someone already had CurrentlyCravin which was my first choice. It is a pizza place in some random town. I get annoyed just thinking about it. Anyways, although the spelling really annoys me (the lack of two r's causes me to cringe a little) I am slowly getting used to it and I hope to connect with you all via twitter soon! :)

{My Week in Pictures}

This week went by so ridiculously fast, I can't get over it. Here are some pictures of the week!
Loving the Valentine's Day Starbucks cups <3

Watching the Superbowl (yay giants!)

Do I look like a Vampire or what?

Study session at Starbucks

New dress for Spring (h&m)

Loving the lace and the bright white.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

{Currently Craving: Spring Collection}

The past couple of days have been the most beautiful spring days here in Seattle. Even though we still have a couple more months a rain and gloom before spring really sets in, these sunny days remind me how much I love spring clothes (they also remind me why I live in this rainy city). Winter layering is fun and all, but I am kind of over it. Thinking about spring shopping makes me crave so many unattainable items it is actually quite depressing. Forunately, there is the internet, so I can day dream about my cravings.
leather in the new black

I'll be the first to admit I am a chambray whore. Not that I am ashamed, there are much worse things to be obsessed with in the world of fashion, really. I really do think it goes with everything. Especially in the spring/summer months when that little something extra either keeps your warm or adds that extra something to the outfit. This chambray creates the perfect contrast from the masculine leather shorts.

a new kind of print

This outfit might just be my favorite of the bunch, but that may vary depending on my mood. I am so in love with these pants it is not even funny. Not to mention the belt options. Yes, plural. I literally could not decide which belt I would like better with this, so I chose both. Simply to show that each looks fabulous. I love the neon because it is so bright, bold and different from the pants. But I love anything leopard as well. Tucking in this cream blouse only in the front, to show off the belt would be my move. As for those ankle booties from zara...holy cow. I. Want. Now. 

Spring me to life

The whole uneven hem thing has really grown on me. I think it really depends on how you pair the dress and/or skirt, and what material it is. Again, leopard print, so obviously I love it. Add some arm flare and we are in business.

spring into action

Give me some rolled up boyfriend jeans and that sweater and I will seriously be one happy camper. Not to mention  that collar of perfection. I love that the collar goes so perfectly with the colors of the sweater, but adds so much. Anyone else obsessed with this J Crew bag? They have it in blue as well, and I can't decide which one to plurge on.  Happy spring shopping, ladies!