Thursday, May 3, 2012

{Currently Craving} The Oxford Shoe Trend

My latest object of desire has me in a perpetual state of day dreaming. I literally cannot get my mind off of oxford shoes. Considering oxfords have been around since the 17th century, and are pretty much the epitome of all that is preppy, some might say my new obsession is a bit late. However, I say better late than never, right? And this fashionista is jumping on the oxford bandwagon like it is the last wagon in the world. What I love most about the oxford shoe, other than how preppy it is, is the fact that these shoes can be worn with so many other trends. Because of their recent boom in popularity, designers are making oxford's in so many styles and colors, they is getting more and more fun by the season.

The above beauties are from Cole Haan's 2012 season. How gorgeous and fun are they? I am so in love the with detailed color stitching, and especially the pop of color on the sole of the shoe. They are different, fun, and could be dressed up or down.

Loving her casual look here with the rolled up distressed denim, oxfords and a simple shirt under a blazer. Preppy-casual at it's finest.
Another trend I have been seeing a lot and loving is the metalic look. Olivia Palermo rocked some hardcore metalic silver oxfords in NYC, and looked great. Again, she dressed them down for a more casual look, but I think the metalic color adds instant fun factor.

A totally different way of wearing this trend, but dressing it up a bit, is the oxford heel. Taylor Swift seems to rock this trend a lot with all of her vintage dresses, and floral prints. I love the idea of a oxford pump because you get all the preppy goodness, along with the height and dressiness of a heel. In short, this trend is something I adore and will definitely be partaking in.


  1. We absolutely love the Cole Hann Oxford's. The colour accent is so lush!
    JS xx

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