Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Endings...

I have been trying to get the last ware out of my summer clothes for the past week or so. I hate that summer is officially gone, and fall is here. I already miss the hot, sunny weather. I have to admit I do really love fall, with all the boots, layering, and pretty colors. It's more the idea of the cold that I hate! 
Skirt: Forever 21
Chambray: J Crew
Sandals: Old
Sunnies: Nordstrom via B.P.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fancy Pants

So here it is,  my first post in over a month! It feels good to be back, I must say I have really missed it. But like I said, a break is good sometimes, and it was definitely what I needed for a little while. Without getting too sappy or boring you to death with the details, I went through a breakup recently and taking a step back from my blog was something I needed to do to really heal. It's always good to have some "me" time, and girl time, too, or course! But I am back now, and excited to share these insane pants with you guys. I love the wild ikat print paired with the bright pink sweater. It is a loud statement outfit, and I had so much fun wearing it. This sweater is my new obsession going into the Fall months, the color, fit, and warmth are perfect.
Pants: H&M
Sweater: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21 (old)
Cuff: Old

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fresh Start...

I am back! It actually feels like forever since I have posted anything...and that is because it has been forever. Okay, only a month, but in the blogging world that is a hell of a long time. My excuse it that I simply did not feel like it, I needed some time away. Some time to deal with personal things happening in my life that were overwhelming and hard for me to deal with. So my blog took the back burner. I never forgot about it, and was missing it terribly, but a break was necessary. I am happy to report that I am back now, and ready as ever to get back into the swing of things! This feels like a bit of fresh start for me in my personal life, and in a way on here, too.  I have missed interacting with my followers so much and I can't wait to share outfit posts and more in posts to come! 

Just a little something to inspire you...<3