Monday, May 21, 2012

{DIY} Over Sized Clutch

I am so excited to share my first DIY with you all! I have had my eye on some seriously cute over sized clutches from American Apparel lately. They come in a very large assortment of colors and sizes. Basically, I have been craving several of them for some time now. I just can't bring myself to buy one because of the price. $60 for a clutch that isn't even fancy? No, thank you. So, because I can't keep these bags out of my mind, I decided to make my own! Time to get my Martha Stewart on. Here is what you'll need:

I purchased all of these supplies except for the vinyl at my local fabric store for under $5. I already had scizzors, so thread, needles, rudler and zipper were all very inexpensive. The hot pink pinyl I found on Amzon by simply searching "hot pink vinyl fabric". It was about $6 + shipping/handling. But it comes with more than enough to make several bags. (gift idea, anyone?) I will also be showing another type of clutch to make with my left over fabric soon!

You want to turn your fabric upside down and trace a large magazine twice. You will end up with a large rectangle. I try to leave 1 half of an inch along all the sides for when you sew. Make sure the magazine works with the zipper size you got.

Cut out the rectangle and make sure all the cuts are straight, and even. This is where the ruler comes in handy, when marking along the magazine.

Next, fold the vinyl in half and pin it together to stay in place. Make sure all the corners match up, so you have a nice shape when done.

Now, begin to sew the sides of the fabric. You can use a sewing machine, but if you are like me and don't have one, it only takes a few minutes to sew the sides up. Just make sure to do small, close together stitches.

When you are done sewing and feel that it is secure, gently pull the middle towards the opening and turn the bag right side out. You are almost done!

Finally, sew on the zipper. Some people like to do this as the first step, becore sewing the sides up, but I think that is more difficult. It is a but tricking to sew the zipper at first, but try pinning it in place before attempting to sew. Make sure to use the same color thread as the fabric, so it blends. And there you go! I hope you all enjoyed this DIY, let me know how it worked for you :)

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