Saturday, December 24, 2011

{Merry Christmas!}

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all get everything you asked for and more, and have a wonderful perfect day. This is my gift to're welcome :)

If only....dreams come true though, right?!..

{Happy Holidays}

I love this time of year because of Christmas lights everywhere, the darker, richer colors and the fashion isn't too bad either...who doesn't love layering and being cozy?! Here are some pictures I have found recently that really got me in the holiday spirit. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah or any other tradition you may celebrate!

I think the picture with the Starbucks cup, Christmas tree and laptop playing Sex and the City is my favorite. Probably because it's beyond a doubt the most realistic one to my life....I love me SATC. Happy Holidays everyone!  :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

{3 Winter Outfits}

Recently I have been kind of obsessed with the 1970's for inspiration. I don't know what is it, but something about a good pair of ultra flared bell bottoms makes me want to do a happy dance. I think Nicole Richie has also caused this fascination to come on in full force....because she looks perfect all the time in her 70's-esque attire, its ridiculous. These are some pieces that I think fit the theme perfectly!

I love this look for those absolutely freezing cold days. The ones where going outside is a must, but you wish you didn't have to. I started with a nice thick pair of black leggings, with the Hunter rainboots. I would probably put on some knee socks just to make sure I was really warm. On top, an over sized cartigan under the army jacket. I love army jackets for the winter because of their length and thickness. The scarf makes sure I stay absolutely toasty!

This outift is more for a cold fall day, because not all places have freezing winters. J Brand jeans paired with this sheer blouse and knee high brown riding boots are semi-70's inspired. Adding the fur vest makes this look fashionable, warmer and adds texture. It may not be the warmest, but it would be great for a warmer winter day.

This last outfit is aimed for a cold night out on the town. Probably not best if clubbing is your style, but for dinner or happy hour this is perfect for me. There is a lot of black going on here, so the turquoise belt adds some bling and much needed shape to this simple and chunky sweater dress. Because it is winter, tights can add a little warmth and a lot of fun to an outfit. These tights have a floral design that is eye catching. The black booties dress up the sweater a bit, as does the patent leather MK bag.  I piared some funky gold jewlery to perfect this evening outfit!

I hope these were inspiring or helpful! Enjoy and Happy Friday!