Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To {Drab to Fab}

Lets be honest, although a plain black dress is a great, classic piece, it is definitely not exciting or interesting when left alone. All too often I see people wearing a simple dress with nothing but a pair of black heels and calling that put together. While that may be fine and dandy, a little color and accessories can go a long way. What I see are too many people wearing with this kind of plain, ordinary, drab, boring, effortless dress: black flats or heels, cardigan simple necklace. That is a great outfit for a funeral or if your work has a strict dress code. But for real life, that shows zero personality and even less enthusiasm about what you are wearing. Try spicing things up a bit, throw on some's not like nothing matches black. Here are some ideas.
To start lets add a belt. Belting can do so much with such a small accessory. It defines your weist, and adds more than just a seam to a plain dress. I like the red because it is bold, makes a statement, and it still professional for a work environment. (If red is just too scary for you to start with, you can still wear a black belt with gold metal work, or even a patent leather black belt).

Next, the shoes. Shoes are such an easy way to make an outfit instantly more fabulous. Any regular pair of boring black heels can work with this dress, but to spice it up try a chunky heel or even a navy pump. Navy and black do work well together, contrary to popular belief.

Almost done. Now for a jacket, maybe something a little colorful, especially if you opted for no belt. I love the black and white blazer, expecially with the red belt. If that is too loud for your work or personality, a structured blazer would add great layering to the look, as well ad a cardigan tucked into the belt.  If it wasn't work, I would obviously suggest leopard...duh. Either throw on the cardigan over the belt or belt the cardigan as well.
The last step to taking this dress from drab to fab is the accessories. Jewelry is a great way to glam up any outfit. So a simple gold necklace and earrings work well with the gold in the belt, as well as a watch, really go a long way in making this outfit polished and interesting. 

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