Monday, July 2, 2012

Mint + Leather

There was once a time when summer meant tanning on the beach, eating ice cream, drinking diet coke, and relaxing while enjoying no school, while rocking some new shorts, dresses, sandals, and sun glasses. So, you might ask, why this lesson is the summer esentials? Well, because I am slowly forgetting what these items are. The weather this "summer" has been terrible so far. I know it is only just the beginning of summer, techinically speaking, but if I see one more person post a picture of a beach on instagram (check mine out here for my daily looks and things I like) I am going to lose it. So in this fine weather we have been having, I have chosen to wear every maxi dress I own until the sun comes out to play again. Lucky for me, I really like maxi's...

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  1. Interesting mix of works!