Friday, July 20, 2012

Dress to Impress

 Sometimes I like to dress up for no reason, it is kind of like when you are little and want to play in your mother's closet. Trying on her high heels and wobbling around the house because you feel so glamorous. Well, dressing up is still fun in that way for me, it channels my inner child-diva, and I feel so glam, which makes any day a little better. I don't remember exactly who said that looking your best even on your worst day will make you feel better,  but whoever it was that said that had it right. You don't need an excuse to look a bit more fabulously fancy, ever.

{Shirt: J Crew similar here}{Skirt: Forever 21 old}{Necklace: J Crew old}{Shoes: Target}{Watch: Invicta}

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