Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Pastel Obsession}

As you might have been able to tell (from the blow post), pastel pants have been on my mind a lot lately. I don't know why I didn't jump on this trend earlier, but I am more than willing to make up for lost time by obsessing until I find the perfect pair. Here are some ways I want to style my future pants (and skirt if I am so lucky to find one...). Enjoy!

These wide leg violet pants make me antsy to go shopping. I love the wide leg of them. The coral shoe adds a little pop of more color under the pants, so I paired it with the more neutral top so I didn't have too  much color going on. Something I love about pastels is that you can wear two or three of them together and it isn't overwhelming because of the more muted tone of color, compared to bright and hard to look at neons. A simple brown bag, stud earrings and a fun necklace (you don't want to be totally boring up top) and you are ready to face the world.
I really hope I can find a almost-neon but really pastel skirt like this soon. I love the slightly uneven hem because then you can flaunt your shoes. I personally love denim jackets, I wear mine with almost everything in the spring. Wearing some bold jewlery with this outfit would add more color and fun.
I don't know where to start with this outfit. I love every single item in it. The leopard oxfords are something I have been craving for a while now, but need to save up for the perfect pair. The coral pants are just amazing, the color and the fit. I love the rolled up look at the bottom. Because I chose such a bright bag I paired the pants with a not to simple chambray shirt with a neck bow. I love the bow because it dresses up the casual champray.  The necklace is yet another gorgeous pastel color. This while outfit screams spring to me, now the weather just need to comply with my wishes.