Sunday, February 5, 2012

{Currently Craving: Spring Collection}

The past couple of days have been the most beautiful spring days here in Seattle. Even though we still have a couple more months a rain and gloom before spring really sets in, these sunny days remind me how much I love spring clothes (they also remind me why I live in this rainy city). Winter layering is fun and all, but I am kind of over it. Thinking about spring shopping makes me crave so many unattainable items it is actually quite depressing. Forunately, there is the internet, so I can day dream about my cravings.
leather in the new black

I'll be the first to admit I am a chambray whore. Not that I am ashamed, there are much worse things to be obsessed with in the world of fashion, really. I really do think it goes with everything. Especially in the spring/summer months when that little something extra either keeps your warm or adds that extra something to the outfit. This chambray creates the perfect contrast from the masculine leather shorts.

a new kind of print

This outfit might just be my favorite of the bunch, but that may vary depending on my mood. I am so in love with these pants it is not even funny. Not to mention the belt options. Yes, plural. I literally could not decide which belt I would like better with this, so I chose both. Simply to show that each looks fabulous. I love the neon because it is so bright, bold and different from the pants. But I love anything leopard as well. Tucking in this cream blouse only in the front, to show off the belt would be my move. As for those ankle booties from zara...holy cow. I. Want. Now. 

Spring me to life

The whole uneven hem thing has really grown on me. I think it really depends on how you pair the dress and/or skirt, and what material it is. Again, leopard print, so obviously I love it. Add some arm flare and we are in business.

spring into action

Give me some rolled up boyfriend jeans and that sweater and I will seriously be one happy camper. Not to mention  that collar of perfection. I love that the collar goes so perfectly with the colors of the sweater, but adds so much. Anyone else obsessed with this J Crew bag? They have it in blue as well, and I can't decide which one to plurge on.  Happy spring shopping, ladies!


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