Monday, October 24, 2011

{Beacsuse I Can...}

Happy Monday! So...I am really not feeling it this morning. Its gloomy, dark, early, and rainy outside. AND I haven't had cofee yet...not good when trying to think. Yikes. So this is a short and sweet post. Last night I found myself looking through some MKA pictures for some inspiration (obviously), and I decided it was time for another post to share some of my favorites. I am such a jealous little kid right now, ughhhh. I love them. Who doesn't?.What I would give to have their closet! Monday's, monday's, monday's...anywho... Enjoy!

Those boots....drool!

I love Ashley's dress and scarf combo.

Just casually watching a fashion show...nbd. Perfectness.

A real Monday morning outfit here, all black and coffee...yes please!

The converse...yes.

Ugh, MK's hair.

Oficially inspired!


  1. HAHA! I love that black bag she's carrying, third picture up! They have great style and can only IMAGINE their closet. Hope your Mun-day perked up! :D

  2. wow, they are adorable! their style is truly inspiring!

  3. Thanks guys!! I have a slight obsession with them!