Monday, June 25, 2012

Storm Cloud Orange

{Shoes: Crown Vintage}{Skirt: Forever 21}{Clutch: J Crew}{Skirt: H&M}
In my personal opinion, orange and leopard make a great couple. They seem to compliment each other quite nicely. As my apparent obsession with leopard grows, my fondness of the color orange is pretty much at a stand still. I can't say I love the color, because, in fact, I think it is probably one of the most hidious colors avaiable (sorry if I am offending anyeone who might be particularly partial to orange). Maybe it is that it doesn't look so great on me, or maybe it is that it is really hard to find a good orange color, but whatever the reason, this skirt is the one orange piece of clothing I own...and I love it. Although, I don't know how protective againts the rain it would have been if those dark clouds in the back had moved in faster.

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