Saturday, January 7, 2012


Here are some snapshots from the past week-ish. I am somewhat of a picture "whore", or so I've been told. I just love to take pictures of anything and everything. And with Intsagram in the world, who wouldn't?! Hope everyone is having a fab weekend with far less rain than here in Seattle!

Glitter nails :)

Gorgeous sunset on the water

Cotton candy sky,,


  1. so cute =) Lovely blog! Visit mine and if you like it follow me!
    Please if you follow me on GFC follow me also on Bloglovin' because I haven't still understood if it will be removed!
    Love, Martina.

  2. Oh I love the first shot!
    You look amazing :)

    Stop by sometime, xoxo Natalie

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you back!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  4. Thank you ladies! You are too sweet :)