Saturday, January 28, 2012

{The cheapest dress I have ever found..}

Winter time in Seattle isn't exactly tough. I mean, we get rain, rain, and more rain. But typically we do not experience loads of snow or months of below freezing temperatures. In that way, I suppose, we are lucky. We just have to deal with puddles, constant umbrella use, and more ruined hair days than one would hope for. We did have one very bad (cold) snowstorm this year, but that is probably it for this winter, which is fine by me. Lately it has been chilly, but not freezing. In the low 50's range. I went to H&M on Friday to see about their "buy one, get one free" deal going on. I am not going to lie, usually I don't find anything too great. It is mostly clearance items that were ugly to begin with, or odd sizes and colors left over. However, Friday I truely did hit the jackpot. At least, I think so. This orange and pink dress has been on my mind since they got them in back in the summer. I didn't get it then because a) I couldn't justify spending money on yet another dress so close to the cold weather of fall. And b) I couldn't justify spending $30 on it. I don't know why, for H&M standards, it was very well made and thick fabrick. It was not over priced, I am just a bargain shopper. So my excitement to see this dress on sale on Friday was huge. Then the price tag made this dress even more worth my waiting. $7. That was it. 7 dollars...AND I got to get something else for free. So i got some simple little shirt thing which is not nearly as exciting as this dress. So I did not care how cold it was, I pulled a Taylor Swift (meaning, I don't think the girl owns pants...) and threw it on for a quick couple of hours before it got too freezing at night to wear it out. Needless to say, I love it.

Dress: h&m
Vest: Old Navy
boots: Enzo Angiolini
Belt: Nordstrom


  1. $7?? What an amazing find!!
    I love the bright stripes with the khaki vest xo

  2. wonderful dress! for 7 dollors? quite cheap ;-) I have it in black/white but not for 7 dollars (it costed me 15 euro...).
    xxx Anita

  3. Such an amazing dress X, you look amazing!! I love your hair in this as well, you look beauuuuutiful :) xoxo


  4. Great find! love your blog i'm following :)

  5. great dress, following you,

  6. wow it's so cute and the fact that you got it for a great price
    makes it the perfect dress. I love the colour combo and how
    you matched it with the cute vest,

    Lacey xoxo