Thursday, November 10, 2011

{2011 CMA Awards: Best Dressed}

The Country Music Awards are one of the very few award shows I actually watch after the red carpet. So last night I curled up on my couch with some popcorn and enjoyed the show! It was such a good show, the dresses were obviously to die for...suquins anyone? (<-- Carrie Underwood's black chain and sequin dress, I would live in that. Believe me). Call me a sucker, but the tribute to Glen Campbell was very touching. But I think my favorite part of the whole show was Faith Hill's performance. She is so unbelievably stunning and talented. I would just like to be her, thank you.
Anyways, here are my picks for the best dressed ladies of the night (that actually have to do with country music, weird concept).

1. Carrie Underwood rocked this Reem Arca gown. Who doesn't love gold and sequins. Gorgeous.

2. Miranda Lambert looked so classic in this custom-made gown by Haute Hippie... And did anyone else's jaw drop when they saw her pink sparkly-goodness?! I drooled I think.

3. Taylor Swift looked elegant and gorgeous in this J Mendel Taylor. Can she do wrong? Probably not.

4. Faith Hill. Holy white perfection. This Chado Ralph Rucci beyond stunning. Simple made a statement. Her hair might need some work, but the dress is gorgeous.

5. Nicole Kidman...alright, alright. She isn't a country singer, exactly. But she did sing in Moulin Rouge quite well and and is married to a counrty susper star. So I am going to throw her in there. She kind of looks like plastic in this picture, but she is stunning in this Jean Paul Gautier.

Which one was your favorite? I think Carrie Underwood gets my vote, but it was close. Tweet me what you thought about the red carpet fashion last night!

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