Thursday, November 3, 2011

{1 Sweater, 3 ways}

Something that happens to me all too often when shopping is finding something I literally cannot live without. So, of course, I buy it. Obviously, what other option is there really?! Then I get home and I don't have a clue what to wear it with. This happened the other day when I found a gorgeous pink sweater at a vintage store. I had to have it, then got home and realized I own zero pink. Literally, zero. Weird, right? I mean, I am a girl, this is not really normal. Anyways, I was stumped on what to pair it with because I don't really wear pink, and we are talking very bright, blinding, magenta pink people. First time for everything, though. So here are some ideas I came up with for some inspiration. Note: these outfits work with almost any color sweater. So without further adieu... 

I love the rolled up True Religion jeans with the bright pink and these Zara booties are to die for. Pairing it with some arm candy, a bold, bulky necklace and this Old Navy vest makes it perfect for chilly fall weather.
This look would be perfect for a day at work followed by happy hour. Black tights are my new best friend. I used to kind of hate the feel of, I felt like my mom. But these days I guess I am channelling my inner-mom because I love them. To brighten the look, I would use some kind of belt over the sweater, around the waist. This black with gold embelishments is my pick, but another bold color would also work! I couldn't resist the fur (I am just so addicted) and the ballet flats!
This look is definitely my favorite. I would wear this everyday if I could. Seriously, though, I would. Leggings, boots and a comfy weater..who can possibly resist? Boots are my addiction, what can I say. Give me a scarf, some gold jewlery, some sunglasses and I'm set. All I need is a coffee..

I hope you got some inspiration from these, let me know if you have suggestions for my next 1 piece, 3 ways look! tweet me!


  1. LOTS of inspiration from you! I don't have any pink either. I need to incorporate that into my wardrobe. LOVE all 3 inspiration boards. You're going to get a lot of wear out of each one of them. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks! We need to work on getting some pink!