Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Currently Craving: Fall Must Have's)

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, I love leaves on the ground (mostly for stepping on them for that crunch sound, obviously), I am absolutely in love with boots, I love that I can start to add more layers into my outfits and, of course, I love the holidays that come with fall. I mean, who doesn't like Halloween and Thanksgiving? Anyways, here are some of my fall must have's!

Fur vests, cargo/camo, mustard, bright pants, leather, leopard print, red, and peplum silouettes are some of my favorite looks for this fall. Give me a pair of bright skinny jeans, or a leather skirt and I will be a happy girl. I have been waiting for-ev-er to be able to rock some of my leather gear, so now that Fall is going to be settling in, I can't wait to mix and match it. Peplum silouettes are so feminine and have been one of my favorite skirt and dress styles recently. Mustard and red hues are in this fall, and although red looks good on almost everyone, mustard is a bit more tricky. I can't really rock a mustard dress, so I will probably be layering it in. Leopard print is so fun, I have been obsessing over finding the perfect shoes. Fur vests are always in (in my mind) but this season they are everywhere, so pull out your old or go buy some new and rock it!
I can't wait to really get into fall looks, there is so many more options when you aren't dying of heat! Enjoy!


  1. Me likey that leather skirt! HAHAHA These are all great choices. I've been trying different animal patterns. :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. I adore fall too! I'm loving that hat. I think my number one fall 'must have' (meaning, I must have it if I can find it in my price range) is a new leather jacket.

  3. I know, I have been on the hunt for a good hat that is cheap and works on me...kinda of hard! But I found a really good one at H&M for $17 and it comes in like 3 colors!

  4. love all of these picks! I really want a faux fur vest this fall! hopefully I find a really nice one

  5. Found you through IFB, love your blog! Now following :)


  6. Rach..I know! I finally found a really good jur vest at nordstrom in the BP department for $50, it is so cute!

    Natasha, I already am in love with your blog and recently saw you featured in the seattle fashion bloggers post my friend alyson did, thank you so much for the follow!